Best players in the world

Whenever we played I remember a saying."do not get too Cocky" it's saved me numerous times and I bet this will work with you.The moral of this estimate is the fact that cannot go off on random chase's on every player there was since most most likely they will certainly lead you facing a Goliath and that's once you operate.

Additionally cannot try to entice interest on yourself.The easiest way is try to escape ASAP when you see somebody 2 times bigger than you or it will mean particular demise.

Its also wise to attempt to consume as numerous cells as possible they've been every where on to the floor and don't forget when there is a giant occupying that room then you definitely should just take my guidance RUN.

Time your splits carefully.i am aware just how freaking tempting it's to touch the space club and chase after smaller prey but try not to do so if you do not can guarantee never to be consumed by another giant.

Avoid hurdle cells by any means once your huge.Once you hit one it should be far too late your when huge mobile will divided into large number of small cells.This will attract unwanted attention and you will n't have time for you to escape.These people are drawn to cells that they're just like sharks interested in blood.

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