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Agar io how to eject mass?

Agar io is a game about life, demise, and huge, ominous blobs that wander the wasteland, now plagued by the remains of those that arrived before all of them.

It is a casino game about cellular mytosis! (kinda)

In agar, you play as a cell (who happens to check like a blob)
If you envelop a cell smaller compared to you, you kill it and take it is size on your own nefarious purposes.
Whenever you push room, you separate into two parts each add up to 50 % of your initial mass.
The larger you get, the slower you feel.
Though there isn't any talk, you'll however talk to others by pushing W, to eject a bit of your size so various other people have it. This enables you to definitely form alliances and friendships, regardless of the silence.

Only a warning, there is absolutely no cuss filter from the nickname system, and you can find offensive skins to be found. We'll perhaps not link it here in the event, but i am convinced it is fine given that TF2 and FNAF have their particular threads and they're MUCH more violent.

So yeah, discuss.

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