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advanced-browser-settings-screensBrowsers are filled with settings and choices, many of which are hidden. Each browser features a spot where you could transform higher level options that aren’t available in its standard options window.

Observe that changing several of those configurations could negatively affect your browser’s overall performance, security, or safety. Many of these settings tend to be hidden for a reason.

Bing Chrome

Google Chrome’s steady settings are typical subjected on its options page. However, Chrome features a web page where you can transform experimental options and enable experimental functions. These choices may alter or go away completely whenever you want and mayn’t be looked at stable. They could cause serious issues, so that you utilize them at a risk.

chrome-flagsIf you wish to see and adjust these options, type chrome://flags or around:flags into Chrome’s address club and hit Enter.

For example, a number of the configurations you’ll find here at when are the capacity to allow a Chrome OS-style app launcher on your own house windows taskbar (“Show Chrome Apps Launcher”), sync your favicons within Chrome’s open loss sync (“Enable loss favicon sync”), and rescue entire web pages as solitary MTHML files (“Save Page as MHTML”).

enable-chrome-apps-launcherAfter changing an environment, you’ll need certainly to restart Chrome when it comes to switch to take effect.

Mozilla Firefox

To get into Firefox’s higher level configurations, type about:config into its address club and hit Enter. You’ll see a warning page. Make the warning seriously – you might trigger serious difficulties with your Firefox account if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Firefox’s about:config web page really shops every Firefox environment, including settings that may be configured within the graphical screen and configurations for your installed extensions. Unbolded settings would be the standard settings, while bolded configurations happen changed.

However, you’ll also find interesting concealed options hidden in right here. One interesting instance is the browser.ctrlTab.previews setting.

With this specific environment allowed, you’ll see a thumbnail selection of open tabs when you use the Ctrl+Tab hotkey to change tabs. This preview listing only seems when you have sufficient tabs available. it is set to at the least 7 by default, you could alter that by altering the browser.ctrlTab.recentlyUsedrestriction environment.

You are able to look through the about:config web page with the search area, but you’re best off finding lists of interesting about:config tweaks on the web. If you discover a tweak you’d like to make, changing its effortless.

chrome-os-app-launcher-on-windows-taskbar firefox-about-config-warning firefox-about-config-settings enable-browser-ctrltab-previews

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